and out from the depths…

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes I have been horrible at blogging. I haven’t updated my blog for my family either. I really haven’t done much of anything as I’ve been lazy/uninspired. I closed my twitter account since that was doing nothing but taking up cyber space. Hell I haven’t even been on fb for 2 days which I’m usually addicted to.
Well I haven’t been doing nothing. I got a job. Yay! *confetti* I’m working at a clothing store and u know what? I’m having more fun than when I worked at the college. So many less politics at the clothing store.
I’ve also gotten back into writing fanfiction. Wtf? Yes ladies and gentlemen (and anyone in between) I used to write fanfiction. And yes, I have started writing again. It actually feels good to be somewhat creative again. Its been so long.
And now I have a request for u, dear readers. I have a friend that I want to share bpd resources w/ her. These should be resources for someone who has bpd. If u have any ideas I would to hear them. U can either write it in a comment or email me at arifaery@gmail.
Well, I hope life is treating u well and I will try to write more often. I will try to read to but my attention span is a bit short lately. :/


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