My Silence Is A Good Thing

Posted: July 10, 2010 in change, health, life, medication, moving, stable


Once again I must apologize for my silence. I used to be so much better about blogging. The good news is that if I’m not posting it usually means I’m doing okay instead of the opposite.

I am officially moved in in my new town. I do mean town. As in, 20,000 people. That was the population at the university I worked at! I’m looking for a job, which looks like is going to be in retail. Quite the pay decrease, but at least my husband is earning more now. I have an interview on Wednesday for a clothing store. It’s a part time position. If I get it I will probably look for a 2nd job. I’m bummed because I turned in an ap almost 2 weeks ago to an agency that works with adults with disabilities and haven’t heard anything. I sent an email on Monday and was told I “may” receive a call from someone. :p Whatever.

In the mean time I would like to say I’ve been productive, but I’ve actually been fighting a cold. A really bad cold. And I don’t have any inhalers. (The one medication I didn’t refill before my insurance got snatched from me.) So I’ve spent 2 weeks suffering from major asthma attacks and coughing fits. I am finally starting to feel better. Just in time for my inhaler from Costco to arrive. (It will probably be here Monday.) Oh, the irony of it all. I had to call my doctor’s nurse to get her to put in a prescription with Costco because I could actually afford their prices for my inhalers (both name brand). I get my generics from Walmart, but they don’t have a price list for name brand medications and Costco does. Thankfully my doctor filled for 6 months (which I couldn’t afford in one go) so at least I will have back up if my husband’s insurance doesn’t kick in before I need a refill.

I have been a little productive. I’ve been doing more as I’ve been feeling better. Almost everything is unpacked and (almost) put away. And by unpacked I mean the things we need. I repacked a lot of our things and shoved them in the closet in the second bedroom. We’ll have to move in a year, so there’s no point in unpacking all of our stuff. It’s been difficult figuring out where to put things. We’ve gone from a 3 bed, 2 bath apartment to a 2 bed, 1 bath house (rental). We’ve traded in a secure storage space off our balcony for a basement that may or may not leak. We live in a flood area so I’m not willing to risk it. But at least we have a backyard for the dog. I will spend more time out there as soon as I can get my husband to spray it for bugs. We have a lot of mosquitoes and they have always liked me. My blood must seem to them as coconut cream pie seems to me. And on top of it I’m allergic to mosquito bites so I end up having huge red, itchy welts. Apparently there are different type of mosquitoes that you can react to differently. Well, I think I’m allergic to all of them, but these ones leave “bruises” after the bite is gone.

But long story short the house is livable. And aside from my inhalers I am good on meds (except for birth control but I will be taking a trip to planned parenthood for that). I was able to get a 90 day supply of the Strattera and Seroquel XR from my psychiatrist. And Walmart changed my 2 tablets of 20mg (generic) Celexa fro 1 tablet of 40mg. When I got the original prescription the 40mg wasn’t available at the $4 price, but now it is. Thank you pharmacist at Walmart for changing that for me. Now I get 90 days for $10 instead of $20. For those of you who take generics, I recommend Walmart. Even if you have insurance, it’s cheaper not to use it for certain meds. Walmart will only apply insurance if you ask them. I usually don’t endorse Walmart as a company, but I think they are actually doing better on the humanitarian front and you just can’t beat their prices. I have discovered a new grocery store that me and my husband LOVE! It has great selection at good prices. And, it’s employee owned. Love that!

So aside from physical health, I am doing rather well.

I am sorry that I have not been reading the blogs I follow. I hope you are all well.

  1. Lil says:

    Glad you’re doing okay apart from the cold. I am the same with regard to blogging, I tend to be around more when things aren’t going well.

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