My Oh My

Posted: May 26, 2010 in ADD, bad day, family, GERD, headache, medication, pms, tiredness

What a day.

Today was one of those days where it was a bad simply because how I was feeling. A little bit of tiredness from my endeavor yesterday (more on that later). Grumpy because this time I am definitely pmsing. And then my acid reflux decided to flare up. It started with I wasn’t feeling very hungry. But 1:00 rolled around and I knew I needed to eat something so I went to the potluck my department was having. Well, by the time I got there there was slim pickings. And the things I got — I took one bite and it felt like the food was burning a hole in my throat. Needless to say I didn’t eat anymore (oh and I forgot to mention that I went to work with a sore throat. I thought maybe I was getting sick but now I think it was GERD). So I come home and I have a bag of popcorn. I was able to eat that okay. I was sitting around and had a really bad headache and was beginning to feel like it was turning into a migraine. I thought it was because I only had one cup of caffiene today so I went to McDonald’s to get a Caramel Frappe (which are AMAZING by the way). That went down okay but I still have the headache. And about an hour ago my acid reflux majorly flared up. So now my dinner is going to be soy milk, maybe some bread and butter. When it gets this bad, bland and boring is the way to go.

So my endeavor yesterday. I did Habitat for Humanity yesterday. If you haven’t heard of it google it. It’s an amazing organization. I helped put up the frame for the roof. I learned important things yesterday. One, I have no arm strength. I made Barbie look butch with the trouble I was having hammering. Two, sweat in your eyes can blind you. Three, I can work with a jackass as long as I know and he knows he’s a jackass. Four, I missed my calling in construction. I felt so fulfilled after working for four hours. And it’s a way more interesting workout than hitting the gym. And it’s the kind of job when you can see immediate results. Four hours later and a house frame with a flat top suddenly begins to look like a real house. My day job doesn’t allow for such immediate, concrete results. They’re much more subtle and take longer to achieve. I could totally see myself in construction, after some major bench pressing of course. I plan to do this weekly this summer, though I am bummed that I have to miss next week. But the week after, I’ll be back.

I did find out this evening that that family member is back in the hospital. But this is actually okay because they’ll keep them longer so hopefully things will get stabilized. I’m not too worried about this particular incident, but the overall picture scares me. The health is failing, and this person has been a major part of my life. I’ve been dreading this moment for years, and it’s hard to think that it might actually come to it. That this person really can’t live forever.

So all in all an interesting day. I think the blessing of not feeling well is that I feel so bad physically that I don’t have any room in my brain or body for a major emotional reaction. The tears are there somewhere, but I don’t think they’ll fall.

And yes, I still haven’t gotten to reading your blogs. I don’t know what’s going on with me but I am absolutely useless lately. My meds have changed again. I’m now up to 250mg on the Seroquel XR. The Strattera has leveled out at 80mg but the time I take it keeps changing. I was taking it in the AM but it made me drowsy. Then when I took it at night I couldn’t get to sleep and had really distressing dreams (beyond the typical odd dreams I usually have). So now I’m taking it in the afternoon. I’m supposed to take it at 1:00m, but I keep forgetting to take it to work, so I take it when I come home. Until I get the Strattera on a routine for several weeks, I’m not going to see the effects. And that’s frustrating.

I did look up a place that does alternative healing in my area. I sent an email to see if I could schedule a consultation. I know I need some spiritual and energy healing, I just don’t know the best methods for what I need. I do know I need to get to church. I just need to force myself to get up and go.

So, this was kind of long. Kudos if you made it this far. Please take this virtual cookie of your desired flavor (I have all kinds). Let me know what kind you got!

  1. Oatmeal rasin, of course! With soy milk!

  2. Stacy says:

    Double chocolate chip for sure. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    And, you’re inspiring, as you often are, in your work for HH. I don’t know how you pulled it off while feeling so miserable.
    I’ve been afraid to try those McDonalds coffees. I’m afraid I’ll love them and want one every day.

  3. nondelusionalpsychosis says:

    Chocolate Chip…. Hey, I/m behind on blog reading too, don’t sweat it! How amazing that you help with Habitat for Humanity! I applaude you for that! I can only imagine how rewarding that is! My uncle will be getting one of their houses when his hours are in. Unfortunately, I am too far away to help him. I hope that your family member feeling better.

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