I think my cat has finally calmed down. He tends to get a little erratic in the morning, and sometimes at night. He chases things I can’t see, makes chirping noises, and dashes around the apartment like the hare in The Tortoise and the Hare. The dog is sleeping on the bed with my husband, who–come to think of it–should probably get up soon. The other cat has finally stopped crying. I think his issue was that he refused to use the litter box in the condition it was in. Actually, I’m pretty damn sure that was the problem. He hasn’t cried since I cleaned the box. And when I found him he was behind the bathroom door looking at the box and crying. To be fair it was in a sad condition. And I totally blame myself for having to throw out our bathroom rug because the cats turned it into a litter box. My husband is not going to be happy.

But such is the case with most of my chores. The difference is when I come home I see the dirty dishes and the laundry and the messy apartment. If I have the energy and drive I’ll do something about it. But the cat box is in the bathroom we hardly ever use. Out of sight, out of mind. This isn’t the first time I let the litter box go too long without a cleaning,  but by far the worst. Sometimes I feel like a slob when I look around the apartment. And then I get frustrated with myself because I can see the apartment needs to be cleaned, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Or I’ll start a chore but not finish it (usually laundry).

I was hoping with the Strattera this wouldn’t be a problem. And early this week it wasn’t. I was drowsy during the day, but I was productive. Now I am taking the Strattera at night. I’m no longer drowsy during the day, but I’ve lost that focus. The funny thing is that Strattera is more likely to cause insomnia than drowsiness, and it was because of this my brand new psychiatrist didn’t want me to use it at night. But other than recognizing I need to use it earlier in the evening, it hasn’t been an issue. But my body has always been weird. I need to call tomorrow though because I am out of the Seroquel XR and he didn’t make a decision about the next step. So I will be taking 200mg of the regular Seroquel, because that is a much better alternative to not taking anything at all. I’ve learned that Seroquel is not a drug I can skip a dose with.

My medication shifts may not be the culprit for losing my focus. Wednesday was a little chaotic schedule-wise, which always throws me for the entire day. And then Thursday I had vertigo and had to call in sick. Friday was my one year anniversary, so I took a vacation day so me and the hubby could take a day trip. That was nice. What wasn’t nice was that we left at 7am and got back into town at 10:15pm. Then we had to pick up our dog from the friends that were watching him. So yesterday I was exhausted all day and had to cancel a trip to the Farmer’s Market with a friend. Then I didn’t get to bed until after 3am this morning. We were at a friend’s place and when we came home the birds kept me awake. I don’t know why they were singing at 3am, but they’re quiet now. Maybe their circadian rhythm is off? But then the crying pee-monster woke me up at 8am.

Well, the cat is crying again, so I need to go see what’s going on, and find out what the other cat knocked down during his morning ritual. Enjoy your Sunday!

  1. It’s funny. I just published a post on how I live rather messily in my apartment. I find that I need to make a list of the essentials, such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom before it gets too out of hand, and the rest I can do when I get around to it. I find comfort in my possessions being in piles for some reason.

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