A Legacy of Hate?

Posted: May 11, 2010 in hate, prophecy, psychology, sociology

I am doing much better today. Tired, but emotionally okay.

I watched a little bit of the Nostradamus Effect on the History Channel. This show basically talks about how people have interpreted the Nostradamus Prophecies to mean different things depending on the situation. The show pays special attention to Hitler. No surprise there. There’s been a lot of speculation about Hitler being the antichrist (who is prophesied in many languages by many so-called psychics/profits). So the Nostradamus Prophecies are very often applied to Hitler.

I have a certain fascination with Hitler. Not by any means for his thoughts and actions. I think Hitler was evil incarnate, and I don’t believe in evil people. But I wonder at the psychiatry and sociology of it all. Like, what on earth (or in hell) happened to this man to make him so diabolically evil. And furthermore, how did an entire population get behind one man and attempt to eradicate specific groups of people. How did hate spread so quickly? How was an entire country brainwashed? The scary thing is, if it happened once, can’t it happen again? And then you look at the anti-semitists, the radicals, the neo-nazi, the Klan, and I wonder how so much hate can exist in a single person. That’s my morbid fascination. That I hope that by understanding it, we can prevent it.

I also do wonder if there’s something to this idea that Nostradamus predicted Hitler and Nazi Germany. So, I’ve decided to look into it and read the prophecies for myself. Which is going to be much easier by the fact that you can read entire books on Google’s book preview. Guess what Google? It is not a preview if you can read the entire book. Oh well. Their willingness to let me read an entire book for free is my win. I guess I could go to the library, but why do that when I can “borrow” the book without even getting up from my couch. With this accessibility I may even look into the 2012 prophecies for myself.

You may have noticed that this post quickly transitioned from serious to my typical sarcasm. It’s hard to talk seriously about a serious topic when The Daily Show is on. Sorry Hitler, you got nothin’ on Jon Stewart.

  1. stacy says:

    Seems like I watched a show or read a book back in college that discussed the sociology of what happened with the German people. The power of many different sociological factors. Brain washing, segregation, scape goatting, and other issues that arrise when groups work together(can either be for the good or for the evil). I think there were a great many Europeans, including Germans that didn’t agree with what was happening (even people in the German military) but were too afraid to speak out. There were a lot of hateful people put in very powerful possitions. And 70 years ago I think people were much more obedient to authority on average.
    I think what happened in the holicost is something that’s happened many time throughout history, we just don’t think about it or learn about it. World Civ. in college was a very eye opening class, not to mention World Religions. In developing countries, we live in a pretty darn civilized, nieve sheltered time in history right now.
    Sociological factors are more powerful than we think. If we don’t actually witness the horrific event then we tend to follow the group. Even if we know what’s going on. Look at how we as a country ignor what’s going on in Dulfur and other 3rd world situations. We put all our finances and military towards the middle east either in an attempt to control oil or in an attempt to protect ourselves against terrorism, while saying it’s all about protecting the rights of democracy, while we do very little to assist those places in the world where genecide is an everyday issue. Just saying. And don’t misunderstand, I’m not an antiwar finatic or anything. I’m just pointing out that although Hitler was indeed an evil man, he’s by far not the only one, and the Germans weren’t the first or the last to follow such leadership.
    Sorry to go off on a soap box. 🙂

    • arifaery says:

      Oh I totally agree with you. I was an international relations major in college so I know all about the U.S. tendency to turn a blind side to genocide and their poorly veiled nation-building. And let’s not forget the fact that the people we’re trying to protect ourselves from? We gave them the weapons they use against us! And it’s not to say the German people were evil. I don’t think that’s the case. And there were many Germans and other Europeans who actually helped Jews escape. And of course Hitler was neither the first nor the last to do the things he did. But the others were either so far back in history that it’s hard to remember or they did not do it on such a large scale with such a visible following. I mean, some of our national heroes committed genocide. But, I focused on Hitler simply because if I go off I’ll never stop.

      I should mention that when I say “we” and “our” I mean the U.S.

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  3. Arifaery,

    Very thoughtful post. Psychologically speaking, we all have it in us to carry out what the Nazi’s did. Most of use keep it in check, but there are a lot of studies about social and psychological dynamics regarding groups and how they are influenced. Look at our media. How the US is so polarized by the Democrates and Republicans and what the response is by the public. I even read a sign on a church that read, “God hates homosexuality, abortion and Democrates!!” Scary isn’t it. Why do we even have to have the term “hate crime.” Anyway, just my thoughts.

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