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Posted: May 7, 2010 in blogging, boredom, change, feelings, life, medication, psychiatrist, work

I am not excited that tomorrow I have to wake up early only to experience a long day of goodbyes. It’s graduation weekend. I already helped out with one ceremony. Luckily I didn’t know anyone graduating then. Although my feet hurt from standing in heels for two hours. Tomorrow I go to my grad’s graduation. That’s gonna be hard. Then I help line up students at two other ceremonies. I already know at least one of my students will be graduating in one of the ceremonies I’m helping out with. I had to say goodbye to one of my students today. I hate this time of year.
Medication wise I think I’ve entered some kind of “normalcy”. I pretty much exect that at some point during the day I’m going to be pretty much useless. Today sucked because I increased the dosage of the seroquel xr. And if you’ve ever taken seroquel, you know there is an adjustment period of a few days of risidual drowsiness whenever u start seroquel or increase it. And then on top of that I know for a fact that the straterra causes drowsiness and dizziness. I need to call my psychiatrist, let’s call him Dr. F, and see if I can take the straterra at night and what to do when I get through the sample of seroquel 200mg he gave me. Becuz I’ll go through that before our next appointment.
Tomorrows gonna be a long day. In fact I’m already in bed posting from my phone. There is time between each ceremony but it’s not worth it to go home and then hav to go back and find parking. So I’m taking a book, ther nintendo ds, and some sudoku. That way if I get bored with one I can switch to the other.
The upside is today my hubby and I went to Coldstone’s. I got thre apple pie ice cream. So good. I also got some trinkets from the mall. We bought some super soft sheets and a comforter set. Oh and yesterday I came home to a surprise: he bought me a sword. I’ve been wanting to collect swords and now I have officially started the colletion! I love it!
You know, salted lithium (I can’t enter a link from my phone but he is on my blogroll) made a very profound statement about blogging. I’m not going to quote it becuz I haven’t gotten permission to do so. So I will refer you to his post about 300 posts later. But basically, blogging can serve as a tool toward recovery. There’s something to be said about finding people who are experiencing what you’re experiencing. It takes away the loneliness. Perhaps I’ll embelish later…when I haven’t already taken my seroquel and am not typing with my thumbs!
Until then, goodnight my dear readers!

  1. sarah says:

    I have worked at graduation ceremonies, but more in the back end. It’s so horribly tiresome. I was making sure all the testamurs were in order and that the corresponding official transcript and the cards for the person on stage reading the names out were all in order. I am so glad I wasn’t the one doing the job that you are doing. Our uni usually has three ceremonies per day when it is graduation time and the lady that has the job you are doing, gets so so tired. I’m sorry you are getting zonked out by the seroquel. I so wish in a way that was me. I have much trouble getting to sleep on my all up 600xr and 200mg normal. Now I have zyprexa in the mix added in with the lithium and I STIILL can’t sleep. I hope you feel better soon!
    Sarah xx

  2. ?and counting « Fighting Labels…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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