Med Changes Day 1

Posted: April 29, 2010 in ADD, doctors, family, fatigue, health, medication, pets, psychiatrist, tiredness

So, I finally went to a new psychiatrist. I like him.

He changed some of my meds around and gave me new ones. In addition to the new allergy med my other doctor gave me. So here is the updated med list:

Seroquel Seroquel XR – 150mg

Strattera – ?mg, I am gradually increasing the dosage over 4 weeks

Verapamil – 120mg


Singulair – ?mg

Citalopram – 40mg

Albuterol – as needed

QVAR – ?mg, two puffs twice a day (when I remember)

So, reactions? I took my first increased Seroquel + XR (xr is new for me) last night. I have been exhausted all day. I have gone through Seroquel increases before so I know this is normal. Luckily(?) I took the day off for my husband’s birthday. So while it means I’m not a whole lot of fun on his special day, at least I’m not falling asleep at work. I can only fear what tomorrow will be like. I also took my first Strattera this morning. I don’t notice any reactions to that, unless it’s also causing the drowsiness. I know it can cause headaches, but I’ve been getting headaches ever since I started the Singulair, so I wouldn’t know the difference. Oh, and btw, Seroquel XR has a horrible, horrible taste. I startled my husband with my reaction to the pill yesterday. Will definitely be taking it with milk from now on.

As for the birthday boy, we went to Denny’s for breakfast so he could get a free Grand Slam. Then we took the dog to the dog park. We came home and had homemade nachos. He wanted that for his birthday. I got him a cookie cake. We’ll be going out with his coworkers later tonight. What we’ll do until then? I don’t know and he doesn’t know, but I vote for sleeping. 🙂


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