up and down and all around

Posted: April 13, 2010 in agitation, anxiety, bad day, boredom, headache, mood chart, mood swings, pets

Current mood: wtf

I have been less than stable. I’m up and down and irritable and tired and unable to pay attention. Sometimes my thoughts are racing, sometimes i have no thoughts. I’m bored but nothing amuses. Did I say i’m irritable?

I took the dog to the vet today cuz he’s been throwing up and acting out of character. Either something’s wrong or dogs can catch bipolar. The vet said that he has a lot of gas and liquid in his intestines. So he took some blood tests and we’ll see what happens when I call in the morning. The vet also said he was overweight, had another ear infection, and his teeth have a lot of plaque build up. I ended up having to take off work. I just felt like such a horrible mother. I’ve even been so careful about his weight because I know one of his parent breeds has a tendency toward obesity. And the ear problem is my fault because i didn’t clean them like i was supposed to. And i bought a toothbrush and toothpaste a while ago, but I don’t know how to brush his teeth.

i’ve been laying around all day, picking at food, and feeling generally like crap. i got over the bad mom thing but i’m moody. and it’s not even that time of the month!

i don’t even know what to do with myself. I’m bored but i can’t keep the attention to do anything. i don’t even know how it got to 6:30.

And I swear if this dog keeps whining i’m going to throw him off the balcony!!!!

my head hurts and the two sodas and advil are not helping.

i think i’m anxious too. and definitely restless.

it’s hot. It should not be 80 degrees in april. and the mosquitos are ridiculous. i feel itchy all over and it feels like little bugs are biting me. ugh!

i’m a hot ass mess.

  1. Gabriel... says:

    I’m pretty sure my cat’s bipolar. Sometimes she’ll run around my apartment so fast she will literally climb the wall, other times she’ll hide in cloth grocery bags and just chill.

    I’m in total agreement about how hot it should be in April. We recently had a week of 80F – 85F… thankfully it hasn’t been too wet yet, so no mosquitoes.

    Hope the vet gives you good news…

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