Mood Chart – April 8 – PM

Posted: April 8, 2010 in ADD, doctors, identity, life, medical records, medication, mental illness, mood chart, psychiatrist, therapist

Current mood: Who the hell knows.

So I’ve fallen off the boat with mood charting–in a sense. Of course that’s really nothing unusual. The only thing constant in my life is that nothing is ever constant.

I have no idea who I am, who I was, or who I want to be. I told my Brand New Therapist that I need help figuring out who I am. She didn’t seem to get it so I guess I’m screwed.

I did get rid of Dr. A-Hole–finally! The possible new psychiatrist is supposed to call me when they get my records. I also scheduled an appointment with my PCP, which isn’t until two weeks from now. But hopefully I will get my ADHD meds. Once I see the new psychiatrist I’m gonna ask about anxiety meds because I really have felt like I might shank somebody lately. (Please note this should be taken as a Tarasoff warning. I promise that everyone around me is safe, except perhaps my less aggressive personalities.)

I do have an idea spinning in my head. I think I want to start a Zine about mental illness and identity. I used to contribute to a Zine that has since gone under. Granted considering my unconstant blogging, who knows how long the Zine would actually go. I’m thinking if I had a solid deadline, I could keep it up. Would anyone be interested in contributing. I mean, it would be kinda boring if it was just a bunch of my crap. Let me know.

And now a word of wisdom:

Do not hold in farts. It is a way for your body to get rid of gas that can hurt it. When possible, fart in someone’s face. It’s not good for your body, but it’s really funny. – Chuy, Chelsea Lately (not sure if I quoted that correctly but apparently he has a new book. Maybe I can find a 2 for 1 deal for Chelsea’s newest book and Chuy’s book.

  1. Identity is a hard thing to pin down. I like the work of Eckhart Tolle on the subject in The Power of Now, but it’s all so vague and insubstantial. I don’t know who I am either, as one can tell from my blogging ad nauseum on the subject. I think we learn who we are by being who we are, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m open to any ideas you have about it, and I think the zine would be really cool. I might be willing to write something for it, although I’ve never read a zine and don’t really know what kinds of things get published in them.

    • arifaery says:

      I would definitely love to have you contribute once i get it setup. And the kind of things that get published are whatever i approve! :] As for the rest of your comment, I don’t really understand. But then I’m functioning at diminished capacity for thinking.

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