Current mood: bored
Why? I am at a speaker one of my student groups brought. One, I have attention issues so I don’t do well with speakers. Also, I don’t necessarily agree with the speaker. Scratch that. I point blank period do not agree with the speaker. But I have to be here. Setting a horrible example might I add, but I’m in a ftw mood.

Current mood: irritable
Idk why. There have been things to piss me off today, but for some reason I can’t shake it off.

So, Dr. A-hole: I sent him the report ADD guy wrote. He decided he doesn’t want to give me meds, but didn’t say why. So now I’m waiting to hear back from him to find out why he suggested I get tested, found I do hav adhd and then decides not to medicate me. Idiot. ADD guy told me to get the meds from my PCP. I’m looking for a new psychiatrist. I am now surrounded by people and totally uncomfortable so I will end this here and be forced into boredom.


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