Weekend Recap

Posted: March 28, 2010 in dreams, jealousy, marriage, relationships

So I’ve been a little MIA. The silence results from: I got mad at my husband Thursday night and didn’t want to talk about it. I stayed home sick Friday and ended up going on a 4 1/2 hour shopping trip with my husband. Yesterday I was tired and busy.

So, Thursday. Against my better judgment I went to work on Thursday. I was sore everywhere! I left work at 7:30pm. I was expecting my husband to be home and cooking dinner (Thursday is one of his days off). Instead as I’m walking out I get a phone call from my husband telling me he is in a town an hour away and wouldn’t be home until 9. I know my reaction was irrational. I was pissed. And I don’t know why I was so pissed right at that moment. I hung up with him and cried all the way home. I was still sore and exhausted. I ended up having to walk the dog, which was an uncomfortable experience. I didn’t eat anything except the salad I had at 5pm. I didn’t have the energy to make anything. He came home with a card for me, so how could I stay mad. Still, I don’t know how great that was. I can’t fathom that he would know what he did wrong since I don’t even know what he did wrong.

Friday I got supplies for my balcony garden and a humming bird feeder.

Yesterday I ended up having to work for an alumni event for one of my student groups and the biggest event of the year for another student group.

Here’s something else that’s been bothering me. I know I can be a jealous person. Most of my husband’s best friends are female. I knew that going into the relationship. I try really hard not to be jealous about it. But last night he got drunk dialed by one of his best friends at midnight, while we were going to sleep. And then proceeded to have a conversation with her! I don’t know what was more irritating. That he was having a conversation with his phone so loud I could hear her side of the conversation while we were going to bed. Or that he decided to have a full blown conversation with her at midnight and kept calling her “hun”. I like to think I don’t feel threatened by his friends. But then I think subconsciously I do because I had a dream a couple weeks ago that he cheated on me with one of his friends.

I don’t know what to do about this. How do people get over these issues? I mean I know the first step is not to act on it which I try not to do. But I just get so irritated with myself. But really I get more irritated with him. And I do not understand it.

Does anyone else experience these problems?

  1. awhimsicalsoul says:

    I’m sorry about all the annoyances you’ve had these past few days! The first step to getting over your jealousy issue, which almost everyone has, is talking to your husband about it. I’m sure he’ll understand if you’re concerned about him spending too much time with his female friends – unless he’s heard it from you alot, then he might get annoyed =/. But make it clear you don’t like him having midnight conversations with his “hun”s =).

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