March 22 – Bedtime Check-in

Posted: March 22, 2010 in ADD, medication, mood chart, psychiatrist, wrestling

Current mood: content – I’m tired but good. I got to come home and relax. Got a little bit of cleaning in. The pets are hilarious, as always. Shawn Michaels beat Kane (that’s a wrestling reference). All in all, I’m okay. It was sunny today. I’m buying gardening supplies on Friday. We live in an apartment but I’m going to put some window boxes on the balcony. I can’t wait to get gardening. I haven’t done any real gardening since I was little. I used to garden with my mom and my grandmother. Also on Friday I get to buy presents for a coworkers baby shower. I’m not going to make the shower, but I  love buying gifts for people, especially babies! Super exciting.

I have reason to be irritated. Dr. A-Hole was, in fact, an a-hole today. He said you look like you lost weight. I said yeah. He said that’s great. I didn’t tell him I hadn’t been eating. I also didn’t tell him that my weight at the last doctor appointment was 135 and I’m 5’5.135 is actually within the good weight range. I’m not happy with my body. My psychiatrist telling me losing weight when I was 135 is a good thing only reinforces the Eating Disorder I dealt with two years ago. I fight those thoughts every day. I didn’t tell him that.

He also told me that concerning the arguments with my husband, I need to let it go and chose my battles. When I told him why that’s difficult for me, he said oh well sometimes things happen and the economy is so bad right now. He makes it a point to remind me how bad the economy is at least 3 times an appointment. That’s an average of every 5 minutes for those of you keeping track.

Yep, real A-hole.

I could be irritated, but he did actually inform me that you don’t need to use your insurance at Walmart to get their $4 generics. Cha-ching. 3 months worth is $10. Since I have to take two pills a day (and apparently they charge by the pill) I had to pay $20. But $20 for 3 months vs. $10 for one month? Oh yeah! Of course that’s only for generics. Dr. A-hole didn’t change my prescriptions. Whatev.

Plus, I don’t have to see him until mid-July. Alleluia! (forgot it’s Lent). Now, that may change if in fact I get put on some kind of ADHD med. We’ll find that out on Wednesday.

Oh yeah. Dr. A-hole is the one that recommended ADHD screening. No mention of it today.


But no worries, everything else, right now, is fine.

  1. awhimsicalsoul says:

    Yay! =] I love babies xD… and Dr. A-Hole sounds likes a real A-hole. =P

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