ADHD- “H” stands for “Humorous”

Posted: March 18, 2010 in ADD

I happened to stumble across a blog about ADHD. This blog had this gem to offer:

1)  ADHD is an evil spell that is cast upon a child around the age of six (or sooner). A malevolent fairy flits into the room of the helpless, sleeping child and sprinkles toxic fairy dust over the innocent child’s face. That child, especially if it’s a boy, will immediately wake up and begin bouncing on the bed, or off the walls. Alternatively, if it’s a girl child, upon awakening (late) she’ll notice the cool patterns on her bedroom wallpaper, and begin to create an imaginary world in her head based on the design on her walls. Mom will come looking for her because they’re late for the babysitter (again), only to find her in this silent reverie. For many, the spell will last a lifetime, and by their 30s, that child is blurting in the boardroom; in their 40s, they’re forgetting their spouse’s birthday; in their 50s, they’re racing along the highway at 8 a.m., screaming Janis Joplin lyrics at the top of their lungs and fantasizing about being the drummer in the band.

Finally! A plausible explanation!

  1. That is very funny, but unfortunately some people have views not too far from that. Here in Wisconsin, a boy with autism died while a pastor was sitting on him trying to exorcise the demon he believed to be causing the disorder. Jimi Hendrix believed his bipolar disorder was the result of a hex put on him. Sad but true views that don’t match up with reality.

    • arifaery says:

      Yes, having been told by father that my bipolar diagnosis was a result of spiritual sickness, I understand how damaging such beliefs can be. Of course I always approach such things carefully. As a pagan I do believe in things that others my label “crazy”.
      That being said, this explanation for ADHD just highlights the fact that professionals still don’t know exactly how to define the disorder.

  2. awhimsicalsoul says:

    ahahha of course! that explains everything =)

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