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Posted: March 12, 2010 in blogging, commenting, spam

Apparently there is such thing as blog spamming now.


This is a complicated subject as how do you know if the comment is a spam.

So here is what I am doing. For comments that are obviously spam–ie the comment has nothing to do with the post and/or advertises something–they will be deleted.

Originally I was just going to delete comments that attached a product’s website to their comment. However, after much thought I have decided that it is unfair for me to judge whether a commenter truly appreciates the post solely based on their attached website.

So, for those comments that sound like the commenter actually read the post, I will be respectful of the comment and approve it. I appreciate those of you who truly read my posts and take the time to comment.

That being said, I do not support any of the products or services that may be attached to the comment. I will not let my blog become an avenue for free advertising.

I am not paid by any company to endorse their product. The only time that you can assume I support something is if I actually write a post about it. When that happens, the post is simply a matter of my opinion, and should not be perceived in any way as paid advertising.

I’m really irritated that I have to explain all this. If spamming becomes a major problem, I will probably eventually make this site password protected. But I won’t do that without letting all my dear readers know, as well as giving you an opportunity to request to be allowed to view the blog.

We’ll see how this works for now and go from there.

  1. awhimsicalsoul says:

    Blog spamming? I can imagine how irritating it would be to sort through the “crap” comments and the actual comments.

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