My One True Friend

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh Kahlua
Such a good friend of mine
When we’re allowed to see each other
I know I’ve been cheating on you with wine
But it’s cheap
$2.89 at Walmart
If you were $2.89 we’d see each other more often
But the husband doesn’t approve of spending money
It keeps us apart

But tonight, we dance
We converse
We make sweet love

You are the only one that understands me
A numbing med that tastes so good
And of course, you must always come with cream
Well–Soymilk in my case

I know you’re jealous of the wine
But it’s not nearly as effective
That’s why tonight I chose you
You sit with me through my worst times

I know I’m not supposed to depend on you
I don’t
I just look forward to next we meet

But let the world wash away
And tonight
It’s you and me

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