I’ve decided that Mind-Warp is my new term to replace mindf**k. Quite frankly I like the original term but it might ruffle a few feathers. So here’s the Mind-Warp:

The proposed changes for the DSM-V are underway. They really thrown me for a loop now. Of course all the diagnoses I care about are getting revamped. But the real doozy is for personality disorders. They’re totally and completely changing the structure of those diagnoses. The crazy part, the new wording for Borderline Personality Disorder, excuse me: Personality Disorder, Borderline Type, fits me even better now. So wtf am I supposed to think? The one thing it doesn’t address: if a person is aware of these issues, do they truly have the disorder. Time to put on our thinking caps lasses and laddies!

  1. Lil says:

    My pdoc told me last week that if he first met me now I would barely qualify for the BPD label, and he would classify me as Type/Trait 2. It felt strange… I like my label and want to keep it LOL. One of the things I agree with in the DSM-V changes is adding Binge Eating Disorder – nice to feel acknowledged with that label too!!

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