Good News, Bad News

Posted: August 28, 2009 in bipolar disorder, good news bad news, humor, hypomania, personality, work

I’ve seen a couple of good news, bad news segments on various shows. I felt inspired!

The Good News: I was inspired by a comedian with cerebral palsy. His comedy may sometimes be at his own expense, but it spreads awareness about cerebral palsy. I feel inspired. I’ve always wanted to be some kind of speaker and lately I would love to spread awareness about psychiatric disorders.

The Bad News: I am not likely to be discovered soon for having a snazzy comedy routine based on my bipolar disorder.

The Good News: I am feeling much better. The depression seems to have passed.

The Bad News: I may be experiencing random bursts of hypomania. Oh wait, that’s good news!

The Good News: The students I work with a getting to know me. They know my face. They are comfortable dropping by my office at anytime.

The Bad News: The students know my face. They are comfortable dropping by my office at any time.

The Good News: I created a nifty little newsletter for my students so I could communicated updates and news.

The Bad News: I will now be sending out a nifty newsletter every other week.

The Good News: I think I am beginning to discover who I am.

The Bad News: “I” includes about a dozen different personalities.

That concludes today’s Good News, Bad News. I hope you enjoyed. I hope you chuckled. And I hope it brought a little lift to your day.

  1. Cool Polar says:

    I like your new blog look.

  2. The best was the “repeater.” And the last one. It was a tie.

    Also, we spoke about your “new home.” Let me help you out if you wish.

    And I emailed you about my post today–you received mention, a dedication of sorts.

    Welcome to the land of WP! You’ll love it. I was very happy to migrate from Blogger. Although, everyone has their own tastes. Chaucon son gout!


    • arifaery says:

      I’m not sure what that last line says…

      As for helping me out, yes please! I try to be pretty self-reliant but I’ve been denied access to the help section on WP. I go to help and it says, we are unavailable at this time. Kinda defeats the purpose. So perhaps some kind of tutorial is in order. Hm…okay don’t know how we can work that out, but I guess I can try?

  3. “Chaucon son gout” is French for “To each his own,” or basically what I said before: everyone has their own tastes.

    Maybe WP crapped out at the same time gmail was dying. I did make a joke about that on Twitter. No, gmail’s server was dead for I don’t know how long. Bizarre coincidence?

    This is a totally different layout and I do have two testing blogs of my own so what I could do is either switch one of my testing blogs over to this one or you could set me up as an Admin. on this one.

    If you chose the latter, I promise I won’t “touch” anything!

    So there are a couple of things to think about. Me setting up a test blog might be good as I can do everything in “beta” (gee, don’t I sound so geeky cool now, huh?”) That way people won’t see it here as it will be in the background.

    Hang on a sec. Okay. I just changed one of my testing blogs to this template. So, I can do the same as well, I can add you as an Admin. or what not. The MOST important thing NOT to do if you are testing out a blog/template is to make it visible! Then you’ll start getting comments and OMG!

    Anyway…think about all of that and let me know. Also, if it’s maybe just a question, I can answer easily enough?

    And check my post I wrote in your honour, girl!

  4. Hang on…you DID comment. I never got the notification from gmail.

    *PA scratches head*

    It didn’t go into my WP Spam Queue either. That does happen sometimes but it’s rare.

    Okay…checked gmail spam and you ended up there! Odd. Now, you didn’t add the url to your new blog in the space provided. That shouldn’t have anything to do with anything, though!

    Still, next time try that as then your blog will be visible with your name in my comment section.

    The last couple of things that ended up in my gmail spam were Twitter Follows.

    All of this can be so stupid at times!

    • arifaery says:

      I think the biggest problem with wp right now is figuring out how to follow blogs.

      I can’t figure out how to add my url. it just has me logged in when i comment. let me try…

      okay off i go to try to figure this out…

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