And Somewhere Amongst the Chaos

Posted: August 27, 2009 in bipolar disorder, depression, hypomania, mania


Manic Ari has made an appearance today. Not that manic Ari is actually ever manic. (Although due to recent realizations about past diagnoses it may be possible). It is more likely that manic Ari is hypomanic. Never mind that the hypomania comes with grand delusions. Let manic Ari have her grand delusions, even if after the fact she realizes they are delusions. it doesn’t make them go away. So there to my therapist who says i’m too self-aware to have issues.

But back to manic Ari. Lately it’s only been depressed Ari. We’ll call depressed Ari: Daria. So Daria has been making quite the waves. And Daria has been having increasing anxiety that makes her want to shoot herself in the head. Manic Ari also has anxiety but it’s more like let’s get up and dance. So Manic Ari, let’s call her Mary. Mary and Daria have been switching back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth, like a giant seesaw. Mary is out to play. I like Mary a lot better.

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