Posted: August 21, 2009 in depression, work

Please note that I am not referring to a pair of ducks.

It’s amazing how one can be okay and totally not okay at the same time. I felt like absolute shit this morning, woke up late, had to throw together some makeshift lunch, and then dropped a peach slice on my keyboard. Now dropping a peach slice on a keyboard may not seem like a big deal. However, this was a canned peach slice with lots of sugary sweetness to possibly make my keyboard. And when one has a very small sliver of brain left, dropping a sugary peach slice can be quite the last straw. It was not as I have retained my personality and (though admittedly barely there) functionality.

I still feel like shit. But I can kind of function. Today is a low key day. Just a few meetings. I do have to stay after hours but that doesn’t seem so catastrophic at the moment.

How can one be depressed but able to laugh at the same time. I do not understand this paradox.

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