Bicurious Nature

Posted: August 11, 2009 in bicurious, wrestling

This post is exactly what it sounds like, a little peek into Ari’s bicurious tendencies.

The hubby has gotten me into RAW wrestling. My favorite match is always the divas. Two reasons: I love watching women kick ass. And, some of the divas are freakin hot! My favorites are Kelly Kelly and new-to-RAW Gail Kim. Gail Kim is so cute and she’s freakin awesome! Marise is pretty but she’s got a bad attitude. And Mickey James is cute too. Like I said, my favorite match of the night. Wish there were more Diva matches. I do like John Cena though!

Although the current guest makes me want to not watch this anymore. The guest host totally brought down Canada and pumped up U.S. way too much. Way to incite an international fanwar. I know they do it for ratings, but do you really have to insult another country to do it? So lame.

Okay, this has turned into a RAW rant instead of what the original intention was. But the point is I’ve been thinking of a college crush recently. I wonder what she’s up to…

  1. patientanonymous says:


    I can't "professionally" wrestle but even though I'm tiny, I still may be pretty strong?

    But yes, the "point" of your post. It "poked" me! Ari, baby!

    Feel free to email me to talk–or I'll just email you!


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