Work to Happy

Posted: August 8, 2009 in working out

My mood is in one of those limbo states again.

I tried out my Flirty Girl fitness video finally. Wow! This video kicked my ass. Definitely gonna have to use the inhaler before I begin the video. It was great though for several reasons: 1) it really works up a sweat, 2) I can feel my muscles working out 3) I love dancing so it’s fun, 4) I do it in the privacy of my own home before my hubby wakes up so I don’t get embarrassed, 5) the woman in the video is constantly telling me how good I look…lol!

I think I’ll actually be able to do this (vs. the gym) because it’s actually fun. And there’s no time to get bored. I love it!

It had my mood up for quite sometime after the workout. I got dishes done and am doing laundry. Now…my mood’s still up but not quite as energetic. Is this a normal mood? I don’t know if I like it…


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