+ or -?

Posted: July 29, 2009 in depression, personality, positivity

I had to take this strengths test for work. You take this test and then it tells you your five highest strengths, in order from highest to lowest. I’m not complaining about the test, as confusing as it was, cuz I love these kinds of things. Tell me about some kind of new personality test and I’ll probably be first in line to try it out.

What struck was that my fifth strength was positivity. As in optimism. At first I was like, whoa! how’d that sneak in there? And then I realized it was right. When I’m not battling depression, I’m actually pretty positive and carefree. I make jokes and keep people laughing and normally my glass is half full. It’s just that when the depression kicks in I become a totally different person.

It’s kind of a kick in the butt to realize that. It makes me hate the depression even more.

  1. Polar Bear says:

    Yeah depression kills pretty much any optimism.

  2. Borderline Lil says:

    I think this is the way we can tell depression isn't just a "normal" low mood, because it's often the opposite of our true happy, positive natures. It's encouraging to know that these awesome personality traits still survive in us despite the black dog (:

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